Effective Guidance On Post-Divorce Modifications

As your family changes, parts of your divorce settlement should be able to change with it. Whether you have lost your job or your former spouse has remarried, an experienced lawyer can help you obtain post-divorce modifications.

I am family law attorney Donald Fraker. Based in Mequon, I help families in the Milwaukee area and across Southeastern Wisconsin appropriately modify their divorce settlements, including for custody, relocation and support.

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What Are The Facts Of Your Case?

I represent clients seeking divorce modifications, as well as clients who are satisfied with their current agreement and want to defend against a proposed modification. Regardless of which side you are on, I will gather all necessary evidence, and make sure the court accurately understands your current situation.

What Types Of Modifications Are Available?

  • Placement modification — When it comes to child placement modifications, the court has the final say. You will have to wait at least two years after the initial placement arrangement unless you can demonstrate that the current arrangement is harmful to your children. After two years, you have to show that the situation has changed substantially and the court will make its decision based on what is best for your kids given such change.
  • Relocation — If one parent wants to move more than 150 miles from the other parent or out of state, he/she must notify the other parent and give him/her a chance to file an objection. The court will look at many factors before deciding whether or not to approve the relocation.
  • Child support — If you have an ongoing child support plan, you can seek to modify it to fit substantially changed economic situations. Parties may also modify their current agreement and take their modification to the court for an official order.

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Divorce modifications are designed to make sure your family always has a plan tailored to your current needs. Whether you must move for a promotion or there has been a major change in your financial situation, I can help you evaluate your options. Located off I-43 in Mequon, I represent clients in the Milwaukee area and across Southeast Wisconsin. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.