Pursuing A Collaborative Divorce In Wisconsin

Your divorce does not have to be a fight. By choosing the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse can lessen the animosity and walk away happier after working together to create a settlement tailored to your needs.

I am family law attorney Donald Fraker, and from my law office in Mequon I help individuals through the collaborative divorce process. From property settlements to parenting agreements, I will help you find solutions.

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How Does The Collaborative Process Work?

After proving to be a successful system in Minnesota over two decades ago, the collaborative divorce process is now available in Wisconsin as well. The system is simple, but you need a lawyer on your side to make it work. Each party has his/her own collaborative divorce attorney as part of the proceedings.

Next, each side must fully disclose all necessary information. Once you have exchanged this information, you will work together to come up with a plan for every aspect of your divorce settlement, from child custody and support, to maintenance and property division. When an agreement is reached, we will take it to the court together to have it approved by a judge.

If your collaborative divorce process breaks down for any reason, both attorneys must withdraw. This is good incentive to come up with an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

What Role Do Coaches And Experts Play?

Coaches and experts can be a helpful part of the collaborative divorce process. We encourage our clients to work with a coach, such as a psychologist to deal with emotional issues. If you have children, you may want to work with child specialists as well. Also, a neutral financial expert could help you resolve property division issues.

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