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As a parent, it is your job to make sure your children are provided for, while making sure your own financial interests are protected. Wisconsin has guidelines governing child support, but an experienced lawyer can make sure you seek the support your children need.

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What Should Your Custody And Support Arrangement Be?

In Wisconsin, child support is governed by regulations that were created based on statistical surveys on what it costs to raise a child. The courts will look at your financial situation and run it through one of various formulas, based on your child placement plan, for example:

  • Primary placement: Nonprimary placement parent pays a percentage of his/her gross income, with the percentage varying depending on the number of children involved.
  • Shared placement: The courts use a more complex formula, including looking at the incomes of both parents, to make a determination based on your specific placement plan.

While the state regulations usually are applied fairly strictly, the court may deviate from the formulas if appropriate. In some cases, both parties may even agree to another amount that the court will accept given appropriate reasons to justify doing so. For example, if the nonprimary placement parent is paying for private school, his/her child support payments could be lower. Plans can also be changed if one parent is paying medical bills or travel expenses related to visitation.

Most importantly, your child support plan is always open to court review. If one party's income goes up or down, the court can revisit your case and grant you a modification.

Who Pays For College?

Child support is payable until a child turns 18, or if still in high school at the point, either turns 19 or completes high school, whichever comes first. There is no obligation to make college payments. However, if both parties want college to be considered in the plan, they can come up with their own agreement, and have it approved and enforced by the court.

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