Resolving Child Custody Issues Effectively

You want to give your child every chance to succeed, and if you are going through a divorce, then one important step is to decide whether you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will continue to make responsible decisions for your children together, as joint custodians.

I am attorney Donald Fraker. As an experienced family law attorney, I help you make an informed decision about whether to do so or to fight for full custody. I will help you seek what you believe is best for your kids.

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What Are The Custody Options In Your Case?

Custody rights determine the role of each parent in making all major decisions for your children. Joint custody will split responsibility between both parents, while full custody will give all rights/responsibilities to one parent alone.

The court will give you the opportunity to resolve your custody concerns on your own. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement, you must go through mediation. If you are still unable to reach an agreement, the court will appoint a lawyer, known as a guardian ad litem, to represent the best interests of your children.

Is It Necessary To Go To Court?

The guardian ad litem will conduct an investigation, talking to parents, children, relatives, teachers and others, in order to make a recommendation regarding child custody. Their bottom line is to do what is best for the children involved. In almost all cases, the court will follow the suggestion of the guardian ad litem.

Taking a child custody battle to court is very expensive and time-consuming. I strongly recommend to all my clients that they work with their co-parent to do what is best for their kids.

What About The Parenting Plan?

In Wisconsin courts, there is no legal preference given to either parent when deciding on placement rights. The court's responsibility is to do what is best for the children involved.

There are numerous potential placement arrangements, and a number of factors should be considered before a determination is made. For instance, how far apart do the parents live? There is a big difference between two blocks, 40 minutes, and different states. The court will also consider the following:

  • Ages of children
  • Work schedules
  • Kids' extracurricular activities

In the end, most people end up with a shared placement arrangement, which usually means a lot of back and forth for younger kids and longer stays as kids get older. However, even if you agree to come up with a shared placement arrangement, you still have multiple options.

Who Gets Weekends?

You could have a plan where each parent takes two weekdays and full weekends are alternated. You could have a plan where you switch every week. If parties live further apart, one parent may get the school year, while the other gets summer and holidays.

For some parents, even more creative solutions are possible. For instance, if parents work opposite shifts from one another, they can devise a plan where one has placement while the other is at work.

Get The Legal Help You Need Today

The outcome of your child custody agreement will have a major impact on your kids, and so will the way in which you handle the process. From my Mequon law office, I help families in the Milwaukee area and across Southeast Wisconsin work together to come up with solutions. Contact me today for a free initial consultation and find out more.