Successfully asking your future spouse for a prenuptial agreement

There are several strategies future spouses can use while asking for a prenuptial agreement to avoid offending their partner.

Before getting married, many couples in Wisconsin desire to have a prenuptial agreement drafted. According to USA Today, prenuptial agreements are legal contracts that outline how assets and debts will be divided during divorce. They can also address other issues, such as shopping habits, how credit card debt will be handled and the costs of raising a child. Although most couples can benefit from drafting one of these agreements, future spouses may be hesitant to bring up the topic of creating a prenuptial agreement with their partner.

Tips for the conversation

To address the idea of drafting a prenuptial agreement, Entrepreneur suggests that this conversation should occur soon after engagement. By doing this, future spouses can help their partner feel more relaxed while also encouraging the development of an ongoing conversation. Additionally, couples should:

  • Draft the agreement together - future spouses should avoid presenting their partner with a prenuptial agreement that has already been created. Instead, they should write the agreement collaboratively so that marital expectations can be addressed.
  • Be open and honest - those who want to create a prenuptial agreement should be transparent about why they wish to draft one of these documents. During the initial conversation, future spouses should explain any personal beliefs, family history or experiences that may have contributed to their desire to produce one of these contracts.
  • Listen to their partner's concerns - future spouses should remember that their partner may have different viewpoints that contradict their own. Those about to get married who want a prenuptial agreement should be sensitive to their partner's concerns and listen to them with an open mind.

When disagreements come up, couples should use these issues as an opportunity to improve their prenuptial agreement. Additionally, future spouses should keep in mind that they are trying to construct a workable partnership with their fiancée, and not trying to dominate them.

Leave room for change

Although couples may have specific wishes for what they want their prenuptial agreement to include, they should make sure that this document accounts for events that have not yet happened, states Entrepreneur. For instance, future spouses may want to consider what would happen if their husband or wife stopped working to take care of their future children or what would happen if their spouse became extremely involved with their business.

Engaged couples in Wisconsin may also want to work with an attorney as they draft their prenuptial agreement to ensure that it accounts for both present and future issues. If you desire to create one of these agreements before you get married, reach out to an attorney in your area for assistance.

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